Evan Davidson, Ph.D.

Principal Data Scientist

Evan Davidson


Evan has been working in the field of optimization data science for the past 15 years, building pricing and revenue management models in a variety of industries, including fashion and consumer goods, retail, transportation, import and export logistics, and food production.

Prior to Austin Labs, he managed the Data Science team and was the Lead Data Scientist at Wiser Solutions, working to incorporate machine learning, forecasting, and optimization based e-commerce retail pricing into competitor-driven rules based pricing software. Previous to that, he was a Senior Optimization Scientist at SignalDemand (now PROS). Prior to receiving his doctorate, he worked at ProfitLogic (now part of Oracle Retail) as an Associate Scientist.

He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with B.S.’s in Mathematics and Management, and later from UC Berkeley with a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research.

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