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Scheduling Modules

We understand the global and local supply chains powering the commodity agriculture industries. We provide tactical optimization through our scheduling modules that efficiently handles your supply, transportation, promotion, and production scheduling. Our software shortens your time to value. Some customers see results in as little as three months.

Scheduling modules

Planning Modules

We help you use AI and data science to plan every aspect of your food supply chain business. From near-term tactical execution such as supply, demand, and market planning out to longer-term strategic, operational, and algorithmic optimization and planning, we support you. Our customers have seen measurable ROI – as much as 3 – 5% of their annual revenue after using our products for a year.

Planning modules

Forecasting Modules

Thanks to our unique platform structure and superior data science, our modules offer robust forecasting, keeping you ahead of your competition (and ahead of your inventory). For more complex supply chains we can incorporate third party data as well as your data to help you increase revenue no matter what volatility comes your way.

Forecasting modules

Decision Modules

The secret sauce in our platform and module system is our decision engine. No more spreadsheets eating hours of every day needing manual data manipulation. We ingest data from your ERP, CRM, and spreadsheets, as well as third party data on traffic, weather, and other issues. This puts you in the drivers seat, making fast, accurate decisions about how to run your business.

Decision modules

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