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We’re putting our data science at the heart of the global food supply chain.

Our Story

We got our start (and our name) in Austin, Texas back in 2014, when Sushil Verma, Simon Drake, and Dave Brown put their heads together and realized that there was a better way to bring data science and AI to the global food supply chain. We’ve since embraced our philosophy that great work can happen anywhere and moved our main outpost from Texas to Missouri. We also have outposts in New York, California, Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, Georgia, Arkansas, North Carolina, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand.

Wherever you need us, we’re there, helping you keep the global food supply chain running.

Our software eliminates the need to hire a team of data scientists in house.

Annually, millions of dollars are spent on information acquisition, processing and storage, which in most cases are never used.

Austin Data Labs was founded to meet this growing need for extracting value from the ever-increasing amount of high-quality data generated by your business.

We unlock hidden value in your supply chain, starting with the data you already have

We're excited to help you

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