scAIcore® components are the fundamental building blocks of our scAIcloud® platform and our scAIapp® modules,
bringing them together to power seamless results.

Our scAIcore Data Management component enables us to manage your master data, whatever that looks like–even if it’s trapped in a legacy program like Excel or Access.

The scAIcore Module Configuration component allows us to deploy the modules that are best suited to your precise business needs, giving you fast, accurate results that are unique to your business.

The scAIcore Data Science Workflow and Integrated Analytics components work hard to make sure your data and any outside data needed to solve your challenges is seamlessly deployed into our award-winning AI and data science models, powering the scAIapp modules that drive your forecasts and business decisions.

The scAIcore scenario management component learns from your data, from the forecast and decision engines, and from any applicable outside intel to help you shift your plans to accommodate whatever volatile supply chain issues may come your way, quickly, to keep your business on track for success.

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