Putting data science to work at the heart of the global food supply chain

We work hard to make sure our customers can keep the world fed.


Our scAIcloud™ data science platform and software were created by people with deep food and agriculture industry knowledge.


We’re the backbone you need in times of increasing volatility.


Because of our deep industry expertise, we’re able to quickly unlock the hidden value within your supply chain operation.


We don’t waste your time: we understand your business.


Companies who work with us see increased profit, increased efficiency, increased stability, and more engaged employees.


We don’t spin our wheels talking about AI and data science- we just do it.


We leverage our platform within and around your existing systems so that your planners can go home on time every day knowing that they accomplished their mission: keeping the world’s food chain moving.

How we help you solve your toughest challenges:

Smoothly integrates with:

… and more

One size does not fit all

Your business is unique. We’re able to deploy our platform deep within your operation, working with the data you have right now. We smoothly augment your existing ERP, then layer in modules that use the latest in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and analytics to apply the nuances of how your unique business works so that we can solve your unique challenges. Not only that, we also have a deep bench of players who understand the industries that drive the global food supply chain inside and out, shortening your time to value.


We're here to collaborate with you

It’s expensive to build a data science team internally from scratch.
Luckily, you don’t need to.

You can now quickly add data science to your processes by working with us.

If you have the budget for an internal team, but lack the expertise and the platform – we can help with that, too.

Business Knowledge

Having an experienced team implementing your high tech solutions makes a huge difference to your success. Tech-only teams implementing tech+business solutions take longer to on-ramp projects and flounder when faced with your unique challenges.

Deep Industry Expertise

Our executives have decades of real-world experience in the industries within the global food supply chain. We understand you.

We have successfully helped some of the largest dairy, meat, commodity agriculture, and food and bev businesses around the world.

Strong Data Science

Our scAIcloud™ platform was built by industry leaders in data science, machine learning, analytics, and AI.

We handle the advanced mathematics that drive your success so you don’t have to.

How can we help you?

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