Solving volatility with data science for the dairy industry

As COVID-19 continues to have an outsized impact on global supply chains, it’s vital that your business has software that can not only support your day-to-day but can also respond to the unexpected. In my previous role as GM Optimization at one of the world’s largest dairy producers we found ourselves frustrated with our software and reliant on spreadsheets, clunky ERPs, and guesswork far too often. A big reason I joined Austin Data Labs this Summer was my excitement about what their products can do to help commodities companies not only weather volatility, but thrive in it.

Failing to plan is planning to fail

As the saying goes, you pay for what you can’t plan for. Your dairy, meat, or other agriculture commodities organization needs excellent scenario planning capability if you don’t want to end up on life support during a pandemic. In fact, one of the key parts of what we implement when we partner with your company is a robust scenario planning capability. On top of this, we make sure our solution is flexible enough to solve your biggest challenges but also straightforward enough that your employees understand what is going on. 

We built smart software that brings excellent advanced data science (and, when needed, advanced AI) to your projects, but that isn’t a “black box” that only we understand. This understanding and simplicity gives your employees the knowledge and capability to evaluate scenarios within the system (demand shock is a pretty standard one, for example) and also allows them to pull out the data and manipulate it in a good ‘ole spreadsheet if they need to quickly bring someone who doesn’t use the system every day up to speed.

Right now the only certainty is that the data your system has to deal with will be volatile. Having a system that can handle that volatility for you gives you the peace of mind to know not just how to take action, but why that action matters. This means your entire team has the right data at the right time to understand how it supports their experience and intuition and offer them a clear path – even when uncertainty is impacting everything from the dairy plant to the end products you create.

It gets better

COVID-19 will pass, eventually, but volatility is here to stay. We allow you to move past the mundane work of data collection and work on the things that create real value for your company. Imagine, instead of spending 5 days gathering and massaging data and then more time coming up with a plan – a plan that will be obsolete in a week – you had software that was giving you the best plan in a fast, executable way? Game changing. 

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