Não é mais inédito: como ser um negócio de laticínios próspero agora

How to be a Thriving Dairy Business in the New Normal

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Watch now: “No Longer Unprecedented: How to be a Thriving Dairy Business in the New Normal”

Paul Campbell of Osmotics joins Austin Data Labs’ SVP Dairy Hamish Keston to dig into the new normal for dairy producers.

Nearly all food categories have faced unusual challenges over the last 36 months – both on the consumption and supply side. For agriculture, these challenges and disruptions have been compounded by physical, seasonal, geopolitical, socioeconomic, and financial events that have been amplified by a continuing focus on sustainability.

It is unlikely agricultural markets, including the global dairy market, will revert to pre-2020 “stability and predictability” anytime soon… if ever. Adapting to this new context is essential for your dairy business.

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