Navigating the Protein Pathway, Finding Success in the Meat Industry Supply Chain

Unlocking Success in the Meat Industry Webinar

Join our next webinar where Dave Brown of Austin Data Labs and Dave Delaney of Partners for Production Agriculture dig deep into current challenges in the meat industry supply chain and uncover a path to success.

During this engaging and informative webinar, our panel of experts will cover the following meat industry topics:

  • Challenges in the Meat Industry Supply Chain: Delve into the key issues faced by producers, processors, and retailers, and understand their impact on the end consumer.
  • Environmental Impact of Meat Production: Learn about the industry’s carbon footprint and discover strategies for reducing emissions and waste.
  • Ethical Concerns in the Industry: Discuss animal welfare considerations and labor rights, as well as working conditions within the industry.
    Innovations and Alternatives in the Market: Uncover the latest innovations, such as plant-based alternatives and lab-grown meat, and their potential to contribute to a more sustainable and ethical food system.
  • Consumer Trends and Market Shifts: Examine the role of consumer choices in shaping the industry and explore the rise of flexitarian, vegetarian, and vegan diets.

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