Learn How Data Science is Revolutionizing Your Supply Chain

Learn How Data Science is Revolutionizing Your Supply Chain

We’re excited to join the Be Empowered with Ever.Ag webinar series on March 23rd at 1:00 PM CDT/11:00 AM PDT. Our CEO Por Simon Drake will be a featured speaker, joining Ever.Ag’s CEO Scott Sexton for the webinar “Harvesting Insights with AgTech: How Data Science is Revolutionizing the Supply Chain.” We’ll be talking about using your existing data plus the power of AI-based data science to optimize your end-to-end food supply chain.  

You’ll come away with an understanding of

  • What data science really is 
  • What it will take for you to get started 
  • How data science can integrate with your existing AgTech solutions 
  • Industries that are a perfect match for data science, such as dairy, meat, and crops
  • The importance of data science built with strong Commodity Ag industry knowledge 
  • The real ROI and ultimate benefits you can expect from deploying data science at the heart of your food supply chain 

Data science is more than just a buzzword for the global food supply chain. The integration of data science with AgTech solutions has the potential to revolutionize the entire sector.  

Still, we understand that figuring out how and when to integrate data science into your operation can be daunting. This webinar will help you learn how data science can help you right now, simply by using the data you already have in a way that enables more informed decisions about your crop management, livestock breeding, raw materials management, and overall supply chain optimization. 

Great data science for the food supply chain uses computational and statistical methodologies to pull timely, smart insights and knowledge that is currently buried within your existing data. Data science puts that data to work, increasing your profits, reducing waste and spoilage, optimizing product mix choices, logistics, warehouse planning, and more. It also creates downstream positive impact on your sustainability goals as well as your waste and CO2 reduction targets.  

One common misconception about data science is that dairy, meat, or other Commodity Ag operations may need to reinvent their entire tech stack to take advantage of its potential, but that’s just not true. Data science integrates with your existing AgTech solutions to provide deeper insights and improve performance (including ERPs and other rules based software).

Because our data science platform, scAIcloud®, is built with an understanding of your unique challenges and the nuance of your business, the time to value is shortened considerably. This puts revolutionary optimization at your fingertips, positively impacting your profit and sustainability goals within the first year. 

We are looking forward to diving deeper into data science for your Ag business on March 23rd – Be Empowered with Ever.Ag  

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