Disassembly vs Assembly Dairy Supply Chains

Disassembly vs Assembly Dairy Supply Chains

In this episode of our series of dairy shorts, Udderly Understandable, Por Hamish Keston, our SVP Dairy, talks with Robbie Turner, our Director of Optimization in Europe, about the intricacies of disassembly vs assembly dairy supply chains and how they differ from standard production lines.

In assembly supply chains you begin with an input and add more and more to it along the way to create your output product. At each stage in the process you are focused on cost effective complexity. This presents a straightforward challenge for optimization. In disassembly supply chains you are dealing with a greater level of complexity as a single input leads to multiple, varied outputs (for example, raw milk leads to milk powder, butter, cheese, and whey). This means your first choice determines every following choice, creating layers of complexity throughout the supply chain instead of complexity at the end.

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