Specialty Chemical and Fine Chemical companies need specialized insights

Chemical companies need to be able to conduct proper scenario management, get the right sales analytics, forecast pricing and demand, optimize their supply chain, and manage inventory in a time of global uncertainty.

Our platform works to add external data to your data to produce the forecasts you need to maximize profit, streamline labor, and control your inventory.


Austin Data Labs Can Help

Stop spending your days chasing complicated spreadsheets
Our platform and our product modules help you make better decisions, faster, with more immediate bottom line benefits.

Supply Chain Module

Get better forecasts by layering market prices, market variability, logistics constraints, and your operational capacity and restrictions with your data.

Understand, predict, and prevent issues in your supply chain. Get valuable insights on which SKUs you must prioritize in production to assure maximum profit and minimum inventory loss.

Get ahead of the market by making pricing decisions in advance. Based on our predictive algorithms, market information, and your internal data history, we will give you the expected price for the coming weeks for your product.

No more leftover stock price reductions. You will know if market prices will fluctuate days in advance.

Mix Optimization Module

Get the predictions you need to control leftovers and shortages, adjust your production / purchase to the maximum possible profit, and create more resilient operation

Demand Forecast Module

Know exactly how much is available for sale by item (or group of items) after all open orders and internal transfers are taken into account.

Eliminate inventory slippage, get an accurate incremental margin analysis, and understand your capacity availability.


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