Specialty Chemical companies need specialized insights

Specialty chemical companies (fertilizer, paint, and other agricultural supplies) need to be able to conduct proper scenario management, get the right sales analytics, forecast pricing and demand, optimize their supply chain, and manage inventory in a time of global uncertainty.

Our platform works to add external data to your data to produce the forecasts you need to maximize profit, streamline labor, and control your inventory.


Want to find out how we can improve your profitability by as much as 2-5% of revenue and add 20-50% profit, while also helping you reach your sustainability goals and reduce food and packaging waste?

Our scAIcloud® platform and scAIcore® and scAIapp® modules work together within your entire specialty chemical supply chain

S&OP • Product Availability • Demand Forecasting • Revenue Management • Pricing • Logistics • Procurement • Promotion • Production

Watch our webinar about data science in the supply chain

with Sushil Verma, Ph.D., Evan Davidson, Ph.D. and Simon Drake

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