Consumer-facing Food and Beverage companies are experiencing unprecedented turmoil right now

No one could predict a black swan event like a pandemic, but we can learn from its impact and help you allocate your resources wisely so your bottom line doesn’t take a hit.

Our platform will help you optimize your food and beverage supply chain manufacturing, processing, pricing, and distribution.

Stay ahead of industry and consumer volatility and make the right decisions with predictive forecasting.

Austin Data Labs Can Help

Stop spending your days chasing complicated spreadsheets
Our platform and our product modules help you make better decisions, faster, with more immediate bottom line benefits.

Supply Chain Module

Get better forecasts by layering market prices, market variability, logistics constraints, and your operational capacity and restrictions with your data.

Understand, predict, and prevent issues in your supply chain. Get valuable insights on which SKUs you must prioritize in production to assure maximum profit and minimum inventory loss.

Get ahead of the market by making pricing decisions in advance. Based on our predictive algorithms, market information, and your internal data history, we will give you the expected priceĀ for the coming weeks for your product.

No more price reductions for leftover stock or distressed or out of date inventory. You will know if market prices will fluctuate days in advance.

Trade Spend Optimization Module

Minimize spend and optimize price management while increasing ROI with advanced data science and AI

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