Built to sharpen your competitive edge, our scAIcloud® platform starts working for you from day one

Too many AI and data science companies use the hype cycle to get in the door, over promising, under delivering, and forcing changes to your business that don’t make sense.
We’ve been putting the customer first since 2014 with a product that is ready to be installed right away, leveraging your data for insights from the first moment we begin to work together.
We built our platform to last, combining AI and other advanced technologies to deliver the results your company needs.
Our scAIcloud® platform acts as the foundation for our industry-specific modules.
The Austin Data Labs scAIcloud platform (and its scAIapp® and scAIcore® components) is purpose-built to be flexible enough to address your unique challenges while quickly delivering actionable, optimized plans for your business.
We understand that businesses at the heart of the global food supply chain aren’t cookie cutter businesses (pun intended), and we worked hard to make sure our platform is built to handle your unique challenges.


Award-Winning Technology + Industry Expertise + You

Our platform is 60% of your success with us. Our plug-and-play modules, built by a team with deep real world expertise in your industry, are another 30%, and your team is the essential, last-mile 10%


  • Our platform + our modules easily adapt to fit your organization
  • Our platform’s data pipeline management is built to last, using the right combination of AI, mathematical optimization, time-series forecasting, and statistics to support your unique data needs.
  • Our platform’s configuration interface allows you to modify the data visualization and dashboard UI/UX to suit your needs
  • Our platform creates the right business plans for your business with maximum automation, because we understand that every business has unique planning needs.


  • Our platform leverages maximum cloud technology to bring scalability to your organization.
  • Our platform passes the economy of scale from the cloud to your company.
  • AI and other advanced technologies require intermittent heavy demand of data science and computing resources. Our platform hides that intermittent demand and complexity from you so your processes just run seamlessly.


  • Our SaaS platform brings cutting-edge security practices, baked in to our applications.
  • The ISO27001-certified cloud where our platform and applications reside operationalizes the best security practices for your organization.

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