Helping you find hidden value and reduce waste from pasture to table

Meat is a highly variable, living commodity influenced by a multitude of external factors beyond the farmer’s control.

Meat demand is predictable, but prices for principal livestock production inputs are volatile.

Using AI and advanced data science, you can prevent waste within your supply chain and recover lost value as you move your product from pasture to table.

We’re able to unlock that hidden value within your supply chain and manufacturing operation because we understand your business.

Companies who work with us see increased profit, increased efficiency, increased stability, and more engaged employees.

We don’t waste time talking about AI – we just do it.

We leverage our platform within and around your existing systems so that your planners can go home on time every day.



Want to find out how we can improve your profitability by as much as 2-5% of revenue and add 20-50% profit, while also helping you reach your sustainability goals and reduce food and packaging waste?

Our scAIcloud® platform and scAIcore® and scAIapp® modules work together within your entire meat supply chain

S&OP • Product Availability • Demand Forecasting • Revenue Management • Pricing • Logistics • Procurement • Promotion • Production

A US pork company needed help with production planning and waste reduction. They implemented our solution across their production planning and supply and demand planning operations. This enabled them to ride out waves of volatility, make better decisions, and see longer-term returns like “sold product” as much as 6 to 8 weeks in advance.

The benefits of being able to get more bang for their buck are easy to spot. Pairing those data-driven insights with their sales operation and incorporating whole-market data has seen savings increase their per-dollar profit as much as 10 cents on the dollar. That added up to Millions of recovered revenue and reduced waste in the first few months of their implementation.

USE CASE 3 Meat Austin Data Labs

A US based beef company came to us for help with supply and demand as well as board-driven sustainability goals. Our product was so successful in solving their supply and demand challenges that they decided to take it off-piste and utilize its data for every decision – even off label decisions.

One area where they deployed our software was packaging. First we helped them get to 60-65% pre-planned production, then they were able to extrapolate those insights and that data to ensure their packaging was matching that rate of production with zero waste and zero delay – an unexpected (and sustainable) benefit.


A unique end-to-end, farm-to-market grocery chain based in Oceania needed help uniting their sales vision with their supply chain needs. The divisions that are using our special blend of rules-based cooperation within their ERP in tandem with our data-science-based products are seeing solid returns.

For example, they are seeing returns of more than 4% of sales in just one of their meat divisions, and an overall increase in sustainability and food and packaging waste reduction that is an essential element in bringing their revenue up across the board.

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