Unlock hidden value in your dairy production with machine learning and data science

Dairy products, like cheese, butter, and milk powder, create increased complexity as they flow through the commodity supply chain: each production decision creates multiple additional decisions and trade-offs.

Further complexity is added by Mother Nature, with raw milk supply influenced by weather and seasonal variation, leading to increased uncertainty in your production planning cycle.

What if you could have predicted the rise in cheese demand during global COVID-19 quarantines? What strategic opportunities could you take advantage of with improved demand visibility and the ability act on it quickly and with greater certainty in your decisions.

Imagine the revenue boost you would see with AI in your supply chain optimizing for total value stream return.

Increase your revenue as much as 5% with advanced data science

We’re able to unlock the hidden value within your supply chain and manufacturing operation because we understand your business.

Companies who work with us see increased profit, increased efficiency, increased stability, and more engaged employees.

We don’t waste time talking about AI – we just do it.

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Want to find out how we can improve your profitability by as much as 2-5% of revenue and add 20-50% profit, while also helping you reach your sustainability goals and reduce food and packaging waste?

Our scAIcloud® platform and scAIcore® and scAIapp® modules work together
within your entire dairy supply chain

S&OP • Product Availability • Demand Forecasting • Revenue Management • Pricing • Logistics • Procurement • Promotion • Production
DAIRY USE CASE Austin Data Labs

One national dairy customer based in the US needed to create a robust, multi-team IBP process that powered strategic business decisions for management across all departments. We were able to create end-to-end modeling that better managed their master data, utilized it more comprehensively, aligned all divisions within the company, and helped them avoid missing opportunities previously lost to slow decision-making and obscured information.

We enhanced this process with robust business complexity models that accounted for time varying reverse bills of materials, telescoping time buckets, production and storage constraints, and external impacts on their dairy supply chain. Being able to have their decision making process supported a full 3 years out offers fantastic long-term opportunity in the face of dairy industry volatility.

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