Dairy Optimization 101

A Guide to Dairy Optimization and Disassembly Economics

Commodity agriculture businesses such as the dairy industry are in a volatile, seasonal business that requires excellent product optimization, an understanding of disassembly economics, and a keen eye for reducing waste. This presents unique challenges ideally suited for data science to solve.

topics Covered

Dairy Market

Disassembly Economics

Dynamic Optimization

Tactical Optimization

Robbie Turner

Author spotlight

Robbie brings expertise in production and asset optimization in the dairy industry to Austin Data Labs. Having spent the past 15 years in commodity markets, he is well versed in commodity market supply chains – from raw material origination and harvesting through processing optimization and price risk. Robbie has held prior roles in optimization and portfolio management at Fonterra and has brokered dairy trades for some of the biggest dairy firms while heading up Rice Dairy’s EU office.

Robbie Turner

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