2 ways you can tell whether Artificial Intelligence is right for your supply chain or manufacturing operation

Does your project meet at least two of the following criteria? If so, our Artificial Intelligence modules are right for you.

  • No clear theory underlies the prediction
  • A large number of often correlated variables impact the outcomes, instead of just a few
  • Variable values are either known (or at least partially controllable) in both historical and forward contexts

Does your project need a more straightforward solution? Chances are using our data science platform will be enough to solve your challenges. You can tell this is true if your project has these attributes:

  • A clear theory or model already exists that can be used to do the math of prediction or correlation
  • Repeatability and explainability are of key importance
  • The problem is not one of prediction, but one of making the best trade-off decisions

Find out more about each of these scenarios, with case studies, in our latest white paper.

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